Belgian Food Blog Awards We proudly present

The Belgian Food Blog Awards!
An award show to celebrate all the Belgian foodbloggers/influencers who inspire us every day with beautiful pictures, lovely writings and of course delicious recipes!

Belgian Food Blog Awards

The categories are...

Best food photography

You’re the one that serves your friends & fans mouth-watering images of lovely prepared dishes that look as good as they taste. Oh, and nobody gets to touch/take a bite until you took that perfect Instagram shot.


Best baking & sweets

You’re a real sweet tooth, you know the perfect sugar balance, your toppings are pieces of art and you know how much butter to put in the batter. It’s safe to say that your blog gives us serious sugar cravings!


Best drinks

You appreciate a good beer and you know how to mix the perfect cocktail or mocktail. You did your research, you know the ingredients and you know exactly what you’re putting in your glass. Cheers!


Best healthy

You’re the expert when it comes to combining tasty with healthy!
You even make it sound fun and easy. Your goal is to make healthy eating feel like a treat.


Best FoodGram

You love posting about food? You use your Instagram account to create and share beautiful pictures of your dishes? This year we introduce this new category, especially for you, Instalovers! It’s for people who don’t necessarily have a blog and put their love for food in their Instagram.

Best overall food blog

You never stop to amaze your readers with stunning pictures, your blog contains a recipe for every occasion and your writings feel like Shakespeare on a food quest. What we’re trying to say: your followers enjoy reading your stories, cooking your recipes and eating your food.


How the winners will be chosen

The jury has selected 5 nominees per category. You can cast your vote (1 vote per person). Considering both the voice of the jury and the fans, we will derive who is the winner in each category. The winners will be announced during the award ceremony.

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